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Yoga Training



Are you ready to impart what you know to others?  Begin your journey to becoming a Nationally Certified Yoga Teacher.  This is a big step, so be sure to select the right teacher and
certification program.  

Lex Gillan and The Yoga Institute in Houston - one of the oldest and most
respected studio businesses in the country - have been helping others share the dharma for 45
years. Lex has taught this course more than 200 times certifying more than 3,000 teachers.

The Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Courses are registered with The National
Association of Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Alliance for both 200-hour and 500-hour
programs.  These are turnkey courses that can help turn your passion for yoga into right
livelihood through full- or part-time teaching.  The courses will show you what to teach and how
to teach (using a beginner through advanced 42 week/45 year time-tested model) and are
compatible with all styles of hatha yoga.  In addition, the course teaches the often-overlooked
elements of running a yoga business.

Lex is committed to the importance of one-on-one communication with his students.
For complete brochure and tuition information, please call 800.524.6674.