The Institute for Spirituality and Health
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Stuart C. Nelson, MA


Stuart Nelson uses his formal training in both the sciences and the humanities to creatively plan programs, organize services, and assist with the ISH online presence and tech needs,  as well as to serve in administrative capacities. Originally hired as a Project Manager, he has since become Vice President for the Institute. In this capacity he is more instrumental in managing the long term vision, strategic plans, and general operations of ISH.

Stuart grew up in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, and attended international schools until college when he attended Rice University, earning degrees in cognitive science, religious studies, and psychology.

During his undergraduate education he realized that encounters with new environments and experiences have the ability to cause major changes in systems of meaning (worldviews). Investigating this, he completed a masters in religious studies at UC Santa Barbara.

Stuart’s broad goal (inspired by work done at UCSB with Dr. Ann Taves) is to apply theories and methods from cognitive science of religion in mental health settings. He is concerned with employing complex theories and methods in applied settings in order to improve the human condition. He thinks theories and methods from the humanities have immense untapped value in health, business, legal, nonprofit, and other professional settings.

Eventually Stuart would like to seek a doctoral degree in clinical psychology with the intent of focusing on religion as it appears in secular mental health contexts (as opposed to chaplaincy, pastoral care, etc, etc).

Stuart is a creatively-minded lover of hip-hop, classic rock, and classical indian music, as well as impressionism, surrealism, and modern art. Additionally, he is an avid bird watcher.