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Healthcare for the Homeless

Ethnography: Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston (HHH)


ISH had the privilege of working with Healthcare for the Homeless Houston (HHH) as it embarked on a transition into a new physical space in downtown Houston. 

Mission-driven work often attracts individuals drawn toward service and participation: healers engage a population with the awareness that individual consumers also serve as healing sources for the service providers.  Through in-depth interviews with HHH board members, staff, and patients, ISH explored sources of inspiration, fulfillment, and reflection for those dedicated to HHH’s mission.  Among the research goals: to honor the voices and spirit of the collective heart that foster a culture of healing and service through visual arts, displayed in participant quotes and reflections beautifully expressed throughout the building’s walls.  This, alongside an in-depth written narrative celebrating the collective dedication.

ISH conducts ethnographic studies across populations in Houston and the United States to help expand our understanding around today’s contemporary social landscape – particularly perspectives around spirituality, health, and healing.