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Breaking Whole: Exploring Spirituality Through Conditions of the Body


Breaking Whole: Exploring Spirituality Through Conditions of the Body


The state of one’s body is inherently intertwined with a person’s spiritual identity, and physical conditions can challenge, strengthen, and transform that identity.  This biannual seminar convenes patients, caregivers, and clergy to discuss the spiritual dimensions of various health conditions.

Past Events:

“The Stares” – Craniofacial Conditions

The face is intimately linked with identiy.  Undergoing the physical and social changes of facial reconstructive surgery can cause one to wonder, “Who am I?” A young man with Crouzon’s disease, and a psychologist who suffered a car accident, were joined by a plastic surgeon and a priest to discuss the challenges and triumphs of living with craniofacial differences.

“My Body Against Me” – Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disorders are difficult to diagnose and can be even harder to treat.  The physical symptoms accompany the mental and emotional challenge of knowing one’s own body is fighting itself.  In dialogue with her physician and her spiritual mentor, a young woman shared her story of healing following the diagnosis of an undifferentiated connective tissue disease.

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