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Houston Based Satellite Residential Conference Program for the Master’s, PhD and Certificate in Mind-Body Medicine

In September 2019, Saybrook University launched a new satellite Residential Conference (RC) program, in collaboration with the Institute for Spirituality and Health, located in Houston, Texas. 

Students who enroll in the Houston RC program will take four 4-day residential conferences, as fulfillment of the residential training requirements for the 40 credit MS in Mind-Body Medicine, the 76 credit PhD in Mind-Body Medicine or 10 credit Certificate in Mind-Body Medicine.  Students in the Houston RC will enroll in online classes for each semester, along with students in the usual California based Residential Conferences.  More detail on the requirements for the Certificate, Master’s or PhD degrees in Mind-Body Medicine is available in the catalog.

The Houston cohort will attend four RCs at the offices of the Institute for Spirituality and Health in the Texas Medical Center.  These four residential conferences will provide sufficient face to face class segments for the courses required for the MS degree in MBM and the following PhD in MBM specializations:  the Mindfulness and Compassion-Based Leadership specialization, the Integrative Mental Health specialization, and the no-specialization option.  Students may select additional courses not offered in Houston and attend one or more RCs in California. Students may also add a Certificate in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, with no further residential requirement.  The student’s academic advisor and Department Chair will assist Houston-based students with program planning.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2020

Classes start in September 2020 at the Institute for Spirituality and Health with the Saybrook faculty in residence.
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