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Integrative Yoga and Qigong Workshop


Integrative Yoga and Qigong Workshop

Yoga means to “join together” or" “yoke”. In this case, mind and body. Qi refers to life force, and Gong refers to skillful means. Qigong therefore means to work with the vital force skillfully. How can these two profound traditions inform our daily lives and practice?

This is an experiential workshop combining physical movement and postures with the subtle , energetic practices drawing from classic yogic systems and traditional Chinese Taoist systems. Integrated through the lens of contemporary neuroscience and mind-body medicine.

Thursday, May 30
6:00-8:00 PM
at the Institute for Spirituality and Health
8100 Greenbriar Dr., Ste 300

Price: $20.00


Anyang Anyang

Anyang Anyang is an ISH Mind-Body Coach. He teaches meditation, mind-body medicine, yoga, indigenous healing techniques, Tai Chi, and Qigong to the general public and to niche populations with specific unique considerations. All of his work is deeply informed and sustained by a strong connection to spirit and a personal integral practice. Anyang is a certified 200hr NACYT, and Certified Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader.