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Yoga & the Five Elements: 5-Week Course


Fridays, October 25-November 22
6:00 PM-7:30 PM
Institute for Spirituality and Health

Yoga and the Five Elements

Yoga is a practice that allows us to access the mind-body connection, meaning we can affect the two-way connection using mind to influence somatic processes and the body to affect our mental states. The five elements; earth, water, fire, wind and space, in classical Indian yogic systems represent particular qualities we can work with to achieve various effects. We will be exploring practices involving postures, movement, mantra, and visualizations to cultivate a sense of awareness, balance, and wellness as well as realizing an integrated continuity of our internal and external world.

Price for 5-Week Course: $65.00



Anyang Anyang

Anyang Anyang is ISH Content Manager and Mind-Body Coach. In the role of mind-body coach, he teaches meditation, mind-body medicine, yoga, indigenous healing techniques, Tai Chi, and Qigong to the general public and to niche populations with specific unique considerations. All of his work is deeply informed and sustained by a strong connection to spirit and a personal integral practice. Anyang is a certified 200hr NACYT, and Certified Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader.

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