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Conference on Medicine & Religion

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Conference on Medicine & Religion: My Pain is Always With Me


Pain haunts human experience and frequently leads people to seek help from medical practitioners.  As many as one in four American adults suffers chronic pain.  On one hand, relieving pain seems the most obvious of responsibilities for clinicians.  "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always," the saying goes.  On the other hand, pain often seems to defy medical solutions and to bedevil the efforts of both patients and clinicians.  What, then, should we make of pain?  What are traditioned practices of responding wisely to pain?  What role does medicine play in those practices? 
Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures and traditions all speak to the experience of pain, why it exists, how it affects an individual and a community, how one might respond faithfully to pain in oneself and in one's neighbor, and what may be hoped for when pain will not go away. The 2019 Conference on Medicine and Religion invites health care practitioners, scholars, religious community leaders, and students to take up these questions about pain by relating them to religious traditions and practices, particularly, but not exclusively, those of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The conference is a forum for exchanging ideas from an array of disciplinary perspectives, from accounts of clinical practices to empirical research to scholarship in the humanities.  

Event details

Date: March 29th-31st, 2019
Location: JB Duke Hotel
                 230 Science Drive
                 Durham, North Carolina 27708

Early Registration Fees (ends March 1)
Physicians: $395
General Public/Allied Health/Academics: $295
Chaplains/Clergy: $245
Resident Physicians: $245
Students: $125

Three-Day Registration Fees (beginning March 2)
Physicians: $495
General Public/Allied Health/Academics: $395
Chaplains/Clergy: $345
Resident Physicians: $345
Students: $215

One-Day Registration Fees
Physicians: $250
General Public/Others: $160
Students: $100

*A student is defined as one who is actively pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree and has not received a doctoral-level degree (e.g., MD, PhD, JD, or equivalent degree).