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World Stewards

By Marla Maharaj

August 5th, 2015

We live in this world not only for one’s self
Our accumulated thoughts and actions are reflections of itself
Often we stop to reflect upon our own power
Unexcused for not accepting our assignment hour after hour
No doubt we live in a challenging world
Anchoring our faith can buffer the pain of leaps of bounds I am told
What does it mean to anchor oneself to His truth?
To look no further after trusting in him, to patiently discover His truth?
God is not fooled by the false qualities of our shallow austerity
Surrender our all to Him, in the fullness of our humility
We are all placed here as stewards of His creations
No man to himself;  all are tried and tested  in similar situations
We are all in this war and the battle goes on everyday
There is no onetime accomplishment that is here to stay
As stewards there are some basic moral rules
These simply cannot be skipped, they are essential tools
Learning to behave sets the foundation for our spiritual path
It beautifies us as  stewards and leads to magnanimity of our heart
Never think for a moment that we are left to do this on our own
His guidance of moral and spiritual rules have already been set in stone
So rise to the challenge oh stewards of this mortal world
Living today not only for ourselves but to warm also the hearts, once cold
Feed the hungry with conscious thoughts of the hands that created you
Value the soul trapped within others as they are a part if Him too
By Marla  Maharaj

Sara Moore