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See below for a collection of reflections, writings, essays, poems, and other contributions that the ISH community has submitted over the years. We hope you enjoy.

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Rain Over Me

By Marla Maharaj

October 29th, 2015

Rain Over Me

Hidden within the sacred temple of my sanctuary

Your divine light ignites every cell within me

My will is driven by this powerful love I cannot explain

Enter this space through all my senses My Lord; let your love rain


Your transcending love impresses upon me like lightening in my heart

Oh how delusively I perceived that you and I were apart

What a fallacy! My heart was left bereaved

Felt chastised for my wrongs; unworthy of being received


Never have I experienced such unconditional love

Surely an outpour of grace and mercy showers from above

Wrapped tenderly in your bosom bursting in flame

One taste of your divine nectar, my soul you’ve claim


Deliver me from the psychotic beliefs of this pleasure seeking world

You will rain when the clouds of my faith is ripen, I am told

I patiently await your rescue no matter how long it takes

For even in the shadow of your desires for me; there are no mistakes


Pour unto me blessings I cannot contain

I shall no longer refrain from being drenched by the droplets of your rain

I humbly approach the feet of Thy omnipresence

Rain over me the consciousness of your continuous presence


October 29, 2015

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Marla Maharaj

Sara Moore