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New Beginnings

By Marla Maharaj

February 23rd, 2016

Who questions that I cannot start again,

To turn my years of losses into future gain?

I had forgotten who I am some time ago

Then God given experience whipped my ego

I have lost count of what number, new beginning this is

This place seems so familiar, as it is!

So what makes this time any different from the rest?

This time, I will be the one writing this test

God gave me permission to test his promises you see

That’s why today is a new beginning for me

I am on this mission to prove the enemy wrong

If I stay steadfast on God’s path, will I be unshakably strong?

It’s a hypothesis tested many times before, I know!

But not by me; I have tried to control this show

It’s a new beginning for me you see

I am surrendering all of who I am to be set free

Like a caterpillar who has spent most of its life in a cocoon

 Faith filled and patient, I await the results of this test soon

I have defined my objective and written my protocol

Prepared a timeline; now to conduct the experiment, that’s all

I refuse to run the risk of error; recording everything I see

Questioning all that I already know, depending on faith to set me free

My mental models are updated with enough light to reveal any developing wrath

But Please Lord, Stand with me if I enter an unknown warpath

Be the one that I know will never let me go

The One who will hold me close and say, “wake up my love, it’s all a part of My show”

This test I will pass just to prove the enemy wrong

A new beginning sings to my heart, a mighty new song

Copyright@2016 Marla Maharaj

Sara Moore