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Viva Le France; Viva Le World; Viva Le Community

By John Graham

January 11th, 2015

The million plus Unity March in Paris offers hope for all people. Seeing leaders of Israel, Palestine, Jordan and the European nations walking together with locked arms, says that the world has had enough.

Islamic terrorist be forewarned! Your days are numbered. The killing of innocents has gone too far. You have proven your cause is not humane.

Yes, you can kill the unarmed. Yes, you can send a 10-year old little girl with bombs strapped on her chest into the marketplace. Yes, from a distance you can push the button and kill dozens. Cowards can do that.

Yes, you can behead those you fear. You can do this, but you cannot win the minds and hearts of the people. And, without winning the hearts of people, your cause cannot survive.

Wake up! Your days are numbered.

I pray the Unity we saw in Parish will result in the unity of people around the globe. May we continue to stand together — for the freedom of people to express their own faith; for the freedom of journalists to express their beliefs; and for the freedom of people to leave their homes without fear.

I pray that the March of Unity in France speaks for a united world. If it does, this is a new day — day where people of all faiths can affiirm and respect one another. That kind of solidarity can win the day.

In every city and hamlet around the world I pray we do all we can to build bridges between all people of faith. May Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu and native religions come together and embrace one another. If we do this, this truly will be a new day.

This is my prayer. This is my hope. This is my vision.

Sara Moore