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Spirited Words

See below for a collection of reflections, writings, essays, poems, and other contributions that the ISH community has submitted over the years. We hope you enjoy.

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Poetry from my heart

By Marla Maharaj

April 13th, 2015

It is truly a blessing to share my journey with you

From a very young age God has been my Rescuer, my Comforter, my Hope and my closest friend in my time of need. I would pretend to write letters to Him as a friend in a faraway land as often as I could. These letters soon became crafted into poetry and became my secret correspondence with Him. Without any premeditation, these active moments of writing created an awareness of God’s presence and play in my life. I began writing poetry that was so simply expressed that even a young child could follow. My poems have become tools sufficient enough to help my children develop a relationship of their own with God. They know that He is now here for them as He is for me. Poetry gives me strength when I am weak, holds me when my heart feels chilled from not feeling loved, reminds me of the deep rooted faith in my soul, and has opened in me a vision of a life filled with an abundance of joy and success. Just as my boys and I are blessed to have this relationship with God, I pray that these poems will encourage and uplift you. Just as they became the key which unlocked untapped conscious transformations within me, I now speak with boldness and much faith, calling out to the love and joy of God within you.

God’s will be done with this and not just mines….May he continue to direct my steps and truly use me as an instrument of His peace.

In Divine Friendship

Sara Moore