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See below for a collection of reflections, writings, essays, poems, and other contributions that the ISH community has submitted over the years. We hope you enjoy.

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No Longer Captive

By Marla Maharaj

April 16th, 2015

No Longer Captive

Many has been the days of bondage and fear

Those days where your love did not seem near

I would show up ready at your front door

Only to run away after hearing other footsteps on the floor

Scared and in panic, I would hide in the dark

Praying that these terrifying mental voices would leave without a mark

Can you turn on the lights for me father?

I am still here, it is “I” your daughter

I see you in me and I know that I am free

It’s just that these narrow hallways frightens me

If you could just leave the lights on in our house

I will return this time without being as timid as a mouse

I am learning of your spiritual law

What it means to love and to be loved without a flaw

Love has always been your number one tool

Teach me to use it as an extension of your grace, and not be a fool

Protect me with your armor Lord and keep me from all harm

I trust that my destiny has already been written in your palm

I am a little older now and have grown to know you more

I will no longer allow those dreadful voices to restrain me from patiently waiting at your door

The distance of my heart’s desire which once seemed like years

Have now been shortened by my increasing faith and cleansing tears

I am no longer captive; my victory is here

I am anointed and appointed; your love causes me to no longer live in fear

Lord accept my love; my life I surrender

And may the words, “thy will be done within me” be all I silently utter

                                                                                                          Copyright by Marla Maharaj 2015

All Rights Reserved

Sara Moore