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God’s Care

By Marla Maharaj

May 19th, 2015


God’s Care

God brings to us all of our experiences

Our good, our ills and even our sacrifices

Seeing all people as equally his instruments

Opens our minds to the range of his omnipresence


The hands of God can be seen behind all that happens

It is the one who lifts our spirits and also the one that dampens

He silently watches over every move we make

Every experience is a blessing and there are no mistakes


In the stillness of the night as we daily introspect

Our success and failures to him we give; have no regrets

God is nearer than our nearest as we begin to see

Each breath taken is a blessing offered to us by thee


Do not allow our worldly duties to constantly crowd our mind

We have a higher priority, one of a divine kind

Meditate and give all of our responsibilities back into God’s care

Give all things to God with a heart sincere

Copyright by Marla Maharaj 2015

All Rights Reserved

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