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See below for a collection of reflections, writings, essays, poems, and other contributions that the ISH community has submitted over the years. We hope you enjoy.

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A reflection into one of life’s many storms

By Marla Maharaj

April 30th, 2015

In the eye of the Storm


Raging waves, roaring wind

Fearfully I take shelter within

Hiding safely from life’s storms

Evacuating routes, re-establishing man’s norm


Adrenaline secreted as a response naturally

As threats of danger lurks in thoughts outside of Thee

Ego-created delusions fill my mind

With etchings of a false reality determined to keep my senses blind


Before all faith is lost in my habitual past

The dark skies no longer look overcast

The gentleness of a breeze sweeps on by

Positioning me perfectly under God’s watchful eye


Anxiously awaiting what happens next

Will my attitude and perseverance stand the test?

Will I remember to pause then and take in God’s true reality?

Or will I waste time on my very own futility?


Cherishing these precious moments that are left

Life’s storm may have passed, but it’s not over yet

Securing all that is valuable and of highest priority

Reminds one, that it’s only God’s Love that is of guarantee

Copyright by  Marla Maharaj 2015

All Rights Reserved

Sara Moore