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See below for a collection of reflections, writings, essays, poems, and other contributions that the ISH community has submitted over the years. We hope you enjoy.

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A Poetic View of the divinity within Servant Leaders

By Marla Maharaj

April 22nd, 2015

Oh Divine Spirit, everything we do…we do unto you


My Beloved

May the scars of my trials which I deserve

Cause me to come to you saying, “How may I serve?”

My Father

Bruised and in fear I allowed myself to be pushed around in the darkness

In search of your light, I beg your forgiveness

My Friend

When the world had lifted me up and threw me aside

I found safety in the comforts of your arms, on your shoulders I cried

My Lover

As wildflowers grew uncontrollably in my garden I was bewildered, “what am I to do?”

Suddenly, I looked upon my life and smiled; in loving Devotion I would offer those very petals to you

My Redeemer

My very help in times of need, you gave me the soil and instructed me on how to plant your seed

You blessed my harvest and even helped to pluck the weeds; all along you were my lead.

My Savior

You came just in time to rescue me from this desolate land

I am forever grateful for your loving grace and know now that my life is completely in your hand

Copyright by Marla Maharaj 2015

All Rights Reserved

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