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“Provider” or “Doctor?” Which is It?

By John Graham

December 2nd, 2013

A Houston physician, Leonard Zwelling, M.D., posted an interesting article in the November 29, 2013 issue of the Houston Chronicle, entitled “Most ‘providers’ don’t have the old first name – doctor.”   In his essay, Dr. Zwelling, addresses an increasing concern of many physicians who are distressed by “lumping” all involved with patient care as “providers,” including the physician.  Dr. Zwelling says, “I just don’t like it.” 

Zwelling gives five reasons he doesn’t like physicians being lumped with all other “providers.”  Most significantly, he feels calling doctors “providers” will ultimately result in the corporatizing of medicine.  He feels doctors’ offices will soon disappear as medical practices are bought up by “huge conglomerates owned by hospitals or chains of them.”   “Medical care has changed,” he says, and “it ain’t going back.”

His article is well worth reading by clicking here or going to this site:

John K. Graham, M.D., President/CEO, ISH

Sara Moore